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girl tarte

January 1st, 2015

10:55 pm - archive post - hp fics

death row. 6-part novella, set post hbp.

look for me here. 2-part fic for snarry_games 2008, set post dh, not epilogue-compliant.


in places where nobody was meant to see. old-age domestic short fic.

nothing here resets the clocks. ootp-era dark-ish 1-shot fic.

untitled. co-written gof-era pwp short fic.


faint indirections. 2-part fic, set post dh in new-regime hogwarts. neville/percy, snape/harry-ish.

souvenirs and lost luggage. petunia-centric short-fic for hp_beholder 2011, set many years post dh, and after her separation from vernon. petunia/ofc pre-slash.

we lay together on a cold hard floor. marauders era 1-shot for hp_beholder 2014. snape/pettigrew.


nobody, too. snape + lily, marauders era

offering. snape-centric, first war era

mr mysterio and henry. snape/potter, post-war, muggle pov

a little silhouetto of a man. lupin/snape, marauders era

drabbles. various pairings, ratings, genres.

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June 1st, 2011

01:55 pm - souvenirs and lost luggage (petunia dursley/ofc-ish)
words: 5900
rating: pg
summary: In 2003, Petunia leaves Little Whinging for good. It is four years before she can talk about it.

note 1: this was written for hp_beholder 2011. the main header is at the link below, but what i couldn't say there is that it was written for magnetic_pole, who i adore, and who wanted, among other things "a minor (and marginalized) character like... Petunia Dursley made more human and multi-dimensional". this was my stab at it.

note 2: what i also couldn't say - because it seemed such a giveaway - is that the title is from a patrick wolf song: souvenirs. you can see it here on youtube. or here he is singing it in a lift! ♥

souvenirs and lost luggage

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February 19th, 2011

10:37 pm - mini soaps (tom hardy/benedict cumberbatch)
words: under 1000
rating: R?

note 1: i wrote this super tiny ficlet back in early november for yourealwaysmine, who went to work one day seething with "imagined memories of tom and benedict affairing all over london". i subsequently gmailed it to everyone i thought would have the slightest interest (er... 3 people). BUT. now it is 2011 and we are all in love with benedict cumberbatch, right? so, here. have it.
note 2: beta and squick-removal by buckle_berry, of course. cheers, bird.

Tom hangs back at the door for a quick ganderCollapse )

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August 29th, 2010

10:26 pm - a little silhouetto of a man (lupin/snape)
words: 2000ish
rating: PG-13
summary: marauders era. some shit is about to go down in the shrieking shack. in the meantime, this is in the manner of a deleted scene (or two), i guess.

note: it's disingenuous to say that this was written on the occasion of the 30th birthday of my lovely friend secrethappiness, since that was about a month ago now, but that was why i started it, so, er, happy birthday, pinn! you'll remember this pairing from 3 fandoms ago. um.
note 2: thank you, buckle_berry, for the beta. <3

a little silhouetto of a manCollapse )

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August 10th, 2009

11:59 am - untitled (dean/sam)
words: 3600-ish
rating: NC17
warnings: wincest, language, general trashiness

note 1: written for (and posted to) spnkink_meme. the original prompt was: Sam tops; Dean comes from being fucked, without friction or his dick being touched. Not D/s, more just that Dean wants Sam so much and loves bottoming so much that he just can't help it. NGH. all VERY ANONYMOUS. <3
note 2: set after the kids are all right.
thanks: to elmathelas for the stirling beta and yankwank, and to buckle_berry also, for compromising herself like a trooper and reading through. <33

Read more...Collapse )

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August 5th, 2008

10:57 pm - the unforgiving minute (nadal/federer - sort of)
words: 2300ish
rating: R
warnings: um. tennis slash. cracky premise (although uncracky fic in general). slightly/overtly fetishistic behaviour (mileages may vary). masturbation. I AM BLUSHING SO MUCH.
extra warning: no actual physical federer in this fic.

a/n: this fic stems from some ridiculous and hysterical post-wimbledon chat between myself and buckle_berry. a lot of blame for this at her door. also thanks for the beta, berriest. love you!

The unforgiving minuteCollapse )

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June 22nd, 2008

08:04 pm - mr mysterio and henry (snape/potter)
words: 1800ish
rating: G
warning: OC muggle pov. unbeta'd.

note: happy birthday, fitofpique! i love you! i truly believe this will make little or no sense to anyone else. <333

Mr Mysterio and HenryCollapse )

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December 30th, 2007

11:08 pm - nothing here resets the clocks (snape/lupin)
berry’s birthday snupin!
words: 6000ish
rating: R
warning: 1st person pov. also crammed to the gills with sirius black and possibly a bit on the grim side.

note 1: beta’d by lovely fitofpique. <3
note 2: last year i wrote buckle_berry the sweetest fluffiest creamcake of a snupin for her birthday, and for mine she wrote a brutal series of violent snupin sex vignettes. well fine. you win, b. this is because i love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY (a fortnight ago).

Nothing Here Resets the ClocksCollapse )

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November 1st, 2007

12:09 am - faint indirections (neville/percy, snape/potter - sort of)
note: second (and final) bit

Faint Indirections (cont.)Collapse )

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12:04 am - faint indirections (neville/percy, snape/potter - sort of)
rating: pg-13
word count: c.11,500
warnings: dh spoilers; largely canon-compliant, some avoidance of epilogue and interview canon

note 1: written for the snape_after_dh prompt: Professor Longbottom converses with Severus Snape's portrait.
note 2: much gratitude to buckle_berry and secrethappiness for advice, suggestions and beta-ing, and especially to fitofpique for some truly invaluable mutual support.
note 3: posted in two bits. second bit linked below.

Faint IndirectionsCollapse )

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